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Fleshlight Modifications...

Warm Fleshlight

Warm Fleshlight

One of the best things you can do with the Fleshlight to take it to the next level of pleasure is make it warm, which feels way better than room temperature. There needs to be continuous heat applied to the Fleshlight sleeve. The best way to do this is... Continue
Sucking Fleshlight

Sucking Fleshlight

The Fleshlight comes with a case which provides some suction. But if you want to take it to the next level and make it feel like a hot babe is really sucking on your dick with all her might, you need to create... Continue
Super Sucking Fleshlight

Super Sucking Fleshlight

The new & improved version of the sucking Fleshlight. This modification made to the original Fleshlight case will suck your dick harder than a hot babe looking to get her rent paid... Continue
Vibrating Fleshlight

Vibrating Fleshlight

Want to feel them good vibrations? On your dick? Make any Fleshlight sleeve vibrate and take your penile pleasure to new heights using this simple technique, all you need is... Continue
Spinning Fleshlight

Spinning Fleshlight

Spinning masturbation can be quite fun. What is the best spinning device? And what is the easiest, cheapest, and most effective way to attach it to the Fleshlight? Here is what I have found to work best. This method is practical for anyone with a Fleshlight... Continue
Tight Fleshlight

Tight Fleshlight

There may come a time when you want that Fleshlight to be tight, super tight. You're going to need to squeeze that Fleshlight sleeve in one way or another, and there are several ways to do this. You can make the Fleshlight feel super tight if... Continue
Fleshlight Texture Enhancement

Fleshlight Texture Enhancement

There are more than 20 different Fleshlight textures, and all of them are good in one way or another. Some of them are very intense and feel amazing on your dick. But I have found a way to make them feel even better... Continue

fleshlight textures user ratings

Fleshlight Textures User Ratings

There are many Fleshlight Textures, and it can be hard to choose the right one. Check out these user ratings to see which Fleshlight Texture to try next, and help your fellow man by scoring the ones you have already enjoyed... Continue
how to make lube

How to make lube

The right lubricant is essential for enjoying the Fleshlight. Many store bought varieties are expensive and aren't even very good. Fortunately, here is an easy, inexpensive recipe to make awesome lube... Continue
Mr Limpy mod

Mr. Limpy mod

The Fleshlight company also makes something called "Mr. Limpy", which is a big limp dick made from the same material Fleshlights are made of. With a small modification this can be turned into an awesome masturbation device... Continue

Build your own Fleshlight

Comments (22)

Yo, i luv ur site, please make a fleshlight shotgun. it'd be so hot.
22nd February 2013 8:25pm
Avid Alex

Your advice really took me to the next level and I want to go back to the normal level. Please create a tutorial(s) on how to do so.


25th April 2013 10:21pm
Wonder Wanker
Sorry, I don't know how to go back to the normal level. Wink
26th April 2013 4:01am
Hee its the best sex toy out I hav 1
Wa e tip:
I put the fleshligt in between pillows en use summing hevy toe keep it in place aften use 2 full coke bottels doe the trik its lik jou on top and dost hav to hurt you hands holding the pillow down nice you cum jummy
4th May 2013 5:14am
Silber Cobra
I would Like to see a homemade tiny f***ing mahine, that can be discreet but very functional. To have a wired controller that has an emergency off toggle switch, power control knob, for speed of thrust, and some way to control the penetration. The last feature I haven't been able to figure out yet. Also, it needs to work with VStroker and not push the Power/Sync button. But, also be able to work with out. Id also like to be able to put a Vac-U-Seal Dildo for the wife. I looked on the net for something similar but they just cost to much. Let me know if you have any sketches or designs. I am very interested in putting it in my own case. Was thinking of using a 30 Cal ammo can painted black or a Fat 50 Cal ammo can so I can store all the toys in under lock an key. Thanks for any responses or ideas and if you decided to build I would love to try your ideas besides mine.
8th August 2013 1:00am
Ok, so are you guys ready for the best fleshlight experience ever? So I used the "super sucking" mod but enhanced it to be hands free! Yes, fucking hands free. :D :D :D First, I bought this:
http://www.kenstwistedmind.com/Fucking-Machines/KTM-107.html (not advertising for them, this is just the one I bought personally.)

So I use that, I screw in a normal fleshlight case, then I put the modified case inside the normal case, tape it to the end of the normal case (I used gorilla tape) and viola! You've got yourself a hands free super sucking fleshlight! 8) It's not too noisy, a little noisy, gets kinda loud at the fastest level, but hey, who gives a fuck!? 8)

21st August 2013 9:49am
By the way, my favorite sleeve to use with the mod is the "swallow" one, I have the mini swallow too (jenna) but the swallow seems to be better, at least the misty stone one.
21st August 2013 9:51am
Awesome site man!
13th November 2013 3:39am
and make those ugly chicks down there go away.
27th December 2013 3:40pm
How many hours ill took to dry because if the superskin pops early in the case its remain a bit of water inside.
5th May 2014 12:50am
You may wanna consider showing the shoe method and give tips about that. And wedging the FL between your matress. These may be common knowledge, but there's always someone green to the FL looking for tips.

Also, how i warm my FL: I put it in a ca 3 liter plastic bag of hot water for a while. Tying a knot or putting a clip to close the bag gives the heat a harder time escaping and you can put the case and lube under it in the sink to heat that too. It also saves water for the enviroment! AND you can reuse that water to clean the FL afterwards!

14th July 2014 1:59pm
I love to jack myself (no lube) into the other end of mine, and then hold it upside down while performing cunnilingus on the "vagina". Recreating a great experience I had years ago. Anyone who has never tried their own should give it a go. No more tissues for me!
4th February 2015 6:44pm
Hey thanks for all the tips, don't know about stripping my fleshy friend though I rigged this up. Pickle jar same diameter as ring of casing. Add special slippery water to the jar, a fish thermometer to keep it warm, a bullet vibrator strapped to the side, and a silicon seal to prevent the high suction from pulling the sleeve into the jar. Super tight, warm, self-lubricating, vibrating, sucking machine. 10/10
13th February 2015 5:10am
If you use pink make up on the lips it looks nicer. hopefully it doesn't hurt the material
28th March 2015 12:38am
I have the best mod. Take the fleshlight out of the casing. Stretch a condom over the entry end of the fleshlight and leave the rolled up end in the first groove where it locks into the casing. Pour a heap of lube in through the back and slide your fingers down the sides to force some of it into the condom. Put it back in the case, snip the end of the condom and ahhhh. The rolled up part of the condom acts like a muscle. I find unrolling a little makes it too tight so just unroll to your needs.
11th November 2015 1:19am
Where can we see you use it for real?
24th December 2015 2:14am
If you like a hands free Fleshlight experience, check out my mannequin modifications for Fleshlight at the Doll Forum!
12th January 2016 4:16pm
Where is the Saw blade (power tool) mod ? There are even those extensions or w/e for that on sale
8th April 2016 4:18pm
cool site lots of info
6th June 2016 12:03pm
Here is my favorite....

Take a pillow and place it sideways inside a pillowcase. The pillow will form into the shape of a letter "U".

Take the hard case of the fleshlight and place it inside the "U" in the pillowcase.

Next, you will place towels all around the fleshlight case inside the pillowcase. Personally, I like to have the fleshlight case slightly tilted and so I will try to get creative with how the towels are positioned inside the pillowcase to provide the best angle.

Once the pillowcase is packed with towels surrounding the fleshlight hard case, take a belt and wrap it all the way around the pillowcase.

On the underside of the pillow, I then thread the belt through two foam circles before bringing the ends of the belt together on the top of the pillow and cinching the belt tightly around the pillow.

I then use the foam circles under the pillow to pivot the fleshlight in a constant corkscrew motion- up, down, and side to side as the fleshlight corkscrews my cock. 5/5

9th August 2016 7:53pm
i tried your suction mod cutting the circle part from a plastic container lid and it works great.
a mod i have been using is to vibe your fleshlight.
you need a power razor. you can get them most stores in the shaving isle. you can tell the right one it will have a aaa battery in the package next to the razor handle.get the aaa model. the aa model has an automatic shut off the vibe shuts off by itself after a few minutes.
the aaa model runs continuosly for a long time.
remove the razor head!!! install the battery. push the power button switch on. wrap the handle in a piece of paper towelto prevent rattling. slip the power hande bottom part first in between the fleshlight sleeve and the fleshlight case. you need pull the sleeve out a little bit. once you have the power handle inside the case. push the sleeve back in place. you may have to practice a few times to get the power handle in the place you like best. i like it on the underneath part of the sleeve.
lube up and enjoy.
30th September 2016 7:00am
more creative ideas required
2nd February 2017 10:07pm

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